• New house in Ashingate.
  • New house in Ashingate.
  • New house in Ashingate.

New House, Ashingate, East Chiltington, East Sussex

A true ‘Grand Designs’ project. Whilst our clients lived in the original, modest three bedroom home, we built this new bespoke house four feet away.

The new house now sits centrally in the ¾ acre plot in glorious Sussex countryside with far reaching views.

It is traditionally constructed in Sussex farmhouse style using handmade red bricks and tiles, and it incorporates a high level of finishes and handmade oak windows and doors.

We have incorporated a basement under part of the building, which houses services including a ground source heat pump served by a 90m deep borehole.

The site is not on mains drainage, so a Klargester unit has been installed to manage foul waste. This converts the majority of the waste into clean water, which goes to the water course via a ditch.

There is also a separate flint clad studio and garage building as our client is a working potter.